Trained Myself

What better time to write than while sitting in a store parking lot waiting for your kiddo to get off work?

Wondering what makes it a good time? Well, it’s quiet. I’m alone and my thoughts can flow without the interruptions.

My first thought was to just sit here with my eyes closed and just let the silence be my peace. I didn’t want someone seeing me and calling an ambulance after assuming I was either intoxicated or having a medical emergency. Nope, my imagination isn’t running wild. This stuff happens more often than you think and have saved lives in many cases and have been false alarms in other cases.

Wait, where was I… oh, I decided to type this post instead. Reflecting at the moment allows me to see how much I’ve “trained” myself to utilize the moments that I have… be purposeful with my time.

I’ve become so disciplined that my body may look for a task instead of getting the rest that it needs. The weekend is supposed to be a chance to step away from work and do nothing. Not the case because my schedule has changed so rest will have to be shared with studying.

Studying, don’t you have enough on your plate? Sure! However, I have a goal I’m aiming to achieve and I’ve come too far and too close to slow down now. In the next couple of months, the goal will be completed. Goal: Security+ Certification. Not to mention that my hard work will pay off and have my exam sponsored, meaning that saves me close to $400 on the exam. I Definitely have to pass it on the first attempt. So, instead of the rest I need this weekend, I need to study as well.

Another consideration: It may also benefit me to write out a study plan for the week dedicating two hours every other day to studying.. this way I can have more downtime on the weekend. Not that I have a lot to do but my mind needs to rest to recharge. My introvert side is craving it.

Enough of my rambling, I had 15 mins to type this. Today has been a great day. Productive. Thought provoking convos. Extreme moments of gratitude and enjoying the revealing moments with a connected spirit.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Grateful for it all, even when I’m as tired as I am now.

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