Stream of Consciousness Moment

My brain is drained. Drained from focusing all day on learning, note taking, interacting, and starting earlier than my body has been prepared for. Usually I’m awake until 4 or 430 am. Rising around 11. This has changed.

Now I rise a lot earlier and push through until about 1 am. Believe me, I’ve tried to shut down and rest long before 1 am but my body is programmed for the late night. It’ll adjust in time. Insomnia doesn’t help and kiddos getting off work needing to be picked up not far from midnight.

It’s okay because I’m grateful for the ability to do this. Everyone is alive and well. Sure, at times, I’d love to have that partner to help. Other times, I’m grateful that’s not on my plate to manage.

This is a stream of consciousness write so I can drift from place to place talking about whatever comes to mind. What’s on my mind? My end goal for the weight loss challenge aka quarantine fine journey that I’m on. What’s on my mind? Someone. I’m actually wondering how that someone’s day went. And was it a good day for the entire family? Was it a day that made them say Thank you for life?

What’s on my mind? Finding a place that’s in a safe space, within my budget, and reclaiming my zone. What’s on my mind? Finances and a new vehicle. What’s on my mind? A VBS plan that can be incorporated for church, a virtual program and packets. And who can help me with it in an inexpensive way?

What’s on my mind? Rest. Quiet. This is what I need at the moment. My introvert has been starving for alone time and moments to recharge. No talking. No interruptions. Nothing. A hotel room with nothing but the sound of the air blowing. Future goals.

That’s all that’s percolating for now. If there’s a typo, my apology. I was too tired to check it.

That’s my release. Blessings… sleep mode. Hope your day was grand.

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