A little healthy talk

As I sit here, something rushes across my mind… Food.

Well, if you didn’t know I am on an eight week journey to weight loss and a toned body. Yes, there is a dope crew of partners embarking on this journey as well. All are supporting, encouraging, lovely, and positive, even on the days when we find it tough to stick to the plan.

The last few weeks my meals haven’t been the most… engaging. They’ve been rather to the point… such as protein shake, three boiled eggs, rice cakes, greek yogurt, tuna, and etc. You get the point. I was breaking my six meals a day into protein, carbs, good fat, and water. A lot of water. It’s been going pretty good except for a week when i was a bit out of the home base and was ordering food from a hotel room. Frustrated me and it wasn’t my best week. Truly, I gained about 5 lbs and defeated my progress. Operation defluff felt like a restart.

This week has been much better. My food choices have been so, so, much better and healthy. I even threw in some shrimp from a seafood bag. Protein. Eggs. Seafood. The seasons might not have been the best because I’m sure there probably was butter in the sauce. Man, it was tasty.

Now, I’m ready to get more creative with the meals that I’m consuming. Something that is less boring. For example, I loveeeeeee Tabouli and haven’t had it in years. It would make the perfect healthy addition to my meal plan for the week.

Well, G, did you think about asking others for meal ideas? Of course, there’s a problem though. I am so particular with what I eat and my options are few due to it. It’s not that I haven’t tried a lot. I have and it didn’t taste the best. No deal on the things that don’t taste good, no matter how healthy they are. My mouth. My choice. HA!

Moving right along… Today was an interesting day. It had its ups and downs. Bad news and good news. There were moments of experiencing events for the first time that will forever be a memory, a blissful and gratitude filled memory. One in particular that is making my heart smile as I type this.

I sure hope your week has been pretty good. We’ve been dealing with a lot lately that can be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally DRAINING. Don’t give up and keep pushing forward. Allow the experiences to make you a better person. The first person to always change is self. This is the starting point. That way you are an example to others even as you figure things out and shine yourself.

Blessings to you all. đź’ś

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