It’s time for a regroup… or a reset in some areas. Change. Good change.

There’s no better time than Monday to get started on shifting in some areas. Starting with a healthier lifestyle regarding what I consume. It’s not so much a lot of junk but a lot of meat, like steak and hot wings that I love. Steak a lot more as fried foods like chicken get old quick. Well, that’s also heavy on finances when you’re already in a tight spot. Monday is the day. My daily meals for the week have been planned already and supplies are gathered. I’m feeling motivated.

Not only healthier choices on consumption but changing my schedule this week to get back into pure focus in Security+, Network+, and JAMF. I’m so close to these goals that I’m surprised myself. A few weeks more of study and exam time. My goal is to ace each exam with a high score, not a just barely passed situation. I’m capable of excelling and that’s the goal and plan being executed.

I’ve got back on track with abundance through meditation. It hasn’t been every day. It’s been a few days this week and it makes a big difference in reflecting, peace, and appreciation. If you don’t have a routine, craft one and get it flowing. A few minutes a day and you will see the difference in your days.

Another shift is to just keep going with the flow. Don’t engage in some areas. There will always be items presented to you. You don’t have to respond, to advise, to question, or to… anything. That’s my goal this week. Don’t engage and stay focused on my primary concerns. Set boundaries and review things around this time next week.

The intention is set. May this week be amazing.

3 thoughts on “Reset

  1. I like the energy this post brings! I’ve been so unmotivated to do a lot of things. But I guess I can start with little wins and get myself pumped up to achieve my goals for this year. Thanks for the motivation!

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