Insomnia & Productivity

Insomniaaaa. Read that again with the Activia tune. In-Som-Niaaaaa.

In a few hours the sun will be rising and I’ll be laying down attempting to get some sleep. I say attempt because it’s usually a hour or so and I wake, toss a bit, start a podcast or audiobook, and try to doze back off again. If I’m extra lucky, I’ll make it two hours and some change before the shifting session starts. Bonus: I’m able to dream during some of those times. Vivid and creative dreams.

This week I was reminded of how regimented / structured my life is. Maybe this plays into the inability to sleep because my body needs to always be working on something. Before you ask, yes, I make time to relax. Funny that some of my relaxing still involves something analytical. The quest begins to take a different route.

Although my body is drained, eyes are tired, and a small headache is present, tasks are completed. I’ve gotten work done on my site. On your end, it will show “under construction”, which is part of the work that I’ve completed today. Yet, site features are still being developed underneath the hood. I can’t wait until it’s completed and ready for launch… still a little time on that but work is being done.

Before I dive into an entire spill on the tasks I’ve progressed on, these brakes are being pumped and the unwind begins. It’s easy to get excited and ramble but I need to attempt sleep. Let’s see how it goes.

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