You never know what to expect these days. It’s all a bit draining.

This week has been even more draining than it was when I had the flu a little over a week ago. There’s no sure pinpointing of the source because it can be subconscious, a lack of sleep, or even dehydration. You never can be sure sometimes.

I’ve been so tired that I got laid off yesterday and actually felt relief. It felt like one less thing to worry about. Maybe I should’ve been upset and my body missed the memo. Maybe I should’ve said how dare you. Nope, I actually felt relieved and ready for what God has in store next.

Let’s see what the rest of this week holds. My prayer is that it’s something great and smile producing. My prayer is that there’s continuous protection over my family and friends, even those I may not know. More uplift, celebration and joy.

I express gratitude. Oh and my niece had a healthy and handsome young boy. I pray he’s protected and remains healthy with all this illness dominating the nation. Grateful for that blessing.

How’s your week been? Has it involved a lot of unexpected moments? Whether good or bad, stay focused. Be kind to yourself and others. Rest and reflect.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. So sorry to hear what happened yesterday – your approach of leaving it to God shows the power of your faith 🙏 and hopefully, in the long run it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, if you were already putting the feelers out 😉

    I know the UK and US have introduced various measures for financial support, hopefully the same is true in other countries and helping…along with most banks, landlords etc giving people a bit of slack at the moment 👌

    It’s a very reflective and emotional time – many of us have more ‘alone’ time to think – than usual, which is quite therapeutic. There are always brighter times ahead – the seasons remind of of this 🔆🌼Stay safe, may your situation improve and God bless x 💫

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    1. Bless you. Thank you for the encouragement, advice, and supportive energy. I’m going to tap into some of the financial support services and keep my head up and pushing. Keeping the faith. And you’re so right, more alone time to think is great for so many people. I hope it helps shift perspectives and increase gratitude for so much. Thanks again for the blessings and uplift. I pray you are doing great and staying safe. Bless you


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