Today’s rundown… it’s been one mentally engaging one.

Before bed, my intention was to make today productive. Well, that definitely was the game plan and it was achieved.

Morning coffee and quiet. Woke up tired so I don’t even turn on a tv or anything, only brewed a K-cup and sat at the bar. After a moment, my love of podcasting kicked in so I pressed play.

This particular podcast and episode was about dawgyg, an elite hacker, and every portion of it was a delight. If you don’t know by now, Cybersecurity is a love of mine. Give it a listen. It’s intriguing and reflective of what a teen that’s bored is really capable of if given access to certain things. Tehehe.

Speaking of Cybersecurity, if you’re an infosec student or path taker make sure to check out stream that Marcus Carey is doing via Twitch. It’s covering Security+ and Network+. It’s free and first night was tonight. Times are 6pm CST on Tuesday and Thursday. Tonight’s session was amazing. Oh and bonus info: 50 people will have their cert exam sponsored. These are not cheap, people. Even if you’re not a recipient of that sponsorship, the skill up is worth it. Valuable info.

Between that session, learning Flask in order to contribute to an open source project, interviewing, and engaging with family, this lady is tired.

Moving on, today has been good nonetheless because I’m alive. Others around me are alive. You are alive. I say that’s a reason to give thanks.

So here’s a challenge for you this week, at 10 am (starting tomorrow) say a prayer. It’s up to you what you desire to pray about. Just take a quick moment and say a prayer. Thanks.

Prayers up for my niece who is in labor. May a healthy baby be born and she be healthy as well, especially in this current climate.

Rest easy people. Be a blessing to someone else this week. 💛

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