Non-Morning Routine

Does it still count as a morning routine if I don’t wake up until almost noon? It’s morning somewhere, right?

My days truly have been turned around. The time that I lay down to attempt sleep were the times I would arise early in the past to read a devotional, pray, sip coffee, and have at least a non-rushed hour of silence before the day’s activities began. I need to get on some type of… schedule.

Crazy part of it all is that I can sometimes get more done in the areas that I’m passionate about because everyone else is asleep. The late night decreases the interruptions, the “I need a favor”, the conversations involving me that I don’t always know when they start nor what they are about, and the days where my actual goals and agenda is after everyone else is satisfied.

I hear you saying that I have to make sure I’m taken care of first. Yeah, well, easier said than done. I fill a lot of roles that are crucial roles, especially parenting. The work in this area is constant. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t feel like I had to trade my time and focus. It reduces more chances for financial increase in my life.

My morning routine has become my night routine. Brainstorming sessions of ways to produce income in areas I care about and that help others occur at night. Studying for my CompTIA Security+ occurs at night. Software updates for the job that doesn’t pay much of anything occurs at night and sometimes during the day because of people needing or inquiring about something. By the end of the day, I’m drained and can barely focus on what I’ve been working toward.

My prayer is that a reward of increase/provisions is on the horizon. One that allows me to breathe, to relax, to enjoy life, to create as an entrepreneur, to help others improve their lives and break cycles of lack, and so much more.

Wait, you still haven’t answered the question: does it still count as a morning routine? Hmmm…

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