Just A Moment…

Me: A lot of things happen around us, huh?

Daughter: They happen to you. I’m just usually with you.

Me: You’re right. You’re right.


That conversation above: True story. An event that just sits heavy on my heart happened yesterday. Sitting in the median awaiting my turn to cross two lanes of traffic, a SUV on the opposite side of the highway waiting as well. A slew of cars and a motorcyclist passing by. I turn my head left and then back right… in a matter of seconds on that head swivel, I hear the impact. Look back left and that SUV attempted to cross. I see the motorcycle. No rider. I’m searching. Two seconds, I see him. Jump out of my vehicle, wave my hands to keep traffic on the other side of the median from hitting him and run immediately to him.

Young male. He’s breathing. Thank goodness. He hasn’t blinked though. I’ve seen this before when my son had a concussion from a head injury after falling down steps as a child. He’s breathing. Thank goodness. I’m talking to him trying to get a reaction. He’s looking pass me. I tap his chest and hold his wrist. “Hey, I’m not going anywhere. Stay with me. Don’t move, okay. Can you hear me? Show me you can hear me.” I snap a little bit to see if he will blink. Eyes open, no blinking. I continue talking… It feels like minutes pass and he finally looks at me.

Eyes reveal a lot. Immediately, it feels like we connected. He’s a good person. His eyes say a lot. I so hate he’s in this position right now. He grabs my leg and holds on tight. I say I’m not going anywhere. “Can you hear me?” A tear rolls from his eye. “Aw, yes, you can. Be strong for me. Look at me.” … Fire department, police, and medics arrive. I have hope that he’s going to be okay. I can’t check on him at the hospital due to the virus and precautions. Also, I didn’t know his name but we all have ways to find out info, right.

I leave the scene and head to church. He’s been on my mind the entire time. Praying he’s okay. Later, I learn his name and am told he is okay.

Me: Happy birthday!

Cousin: Thanks. The young man from the incident yesterday passed away. I thought you’d want to know.

My heart has been heavy all day. Prayers rising for his family. Gone too soon.

I ask that although you don’t know this young man that you send up prayers for comfort for his family.

Another ask that I have of you: Make sure you are aware when driving. Watch out for motorcycle riders. Too often I’ve seen people riding too closely behind them, speeding by them, and just being reckless in general. Take time to drive carefully. Be more careful. Leave early to get to your destinations. Maybe, just maybe, we can decrease a lot of incidents, pain, and loss.

Prayers rising.

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