A Life of Love

As you know, a dear family member passed. Although the loss is hard, one major unmistakeable thing remained: How Great A Person My Cousin Was.

The magnitude of the impact that he had on everyone in his life was undeniable. Everyone, I mean everyone, exclaimed how great and loving of a person he was. He was always present and didn’t desire to be a burden to anyone, just a light.

This brings me to my family. As a unit, I’ve NEVER witnessed another family as large and close knit as my family. It’s always a time of laughs, love, acceptance, and enjoying the space of each other, even on sad occasions such as loss.

This weekend was a much needed boost of the presence of God , the power of family and actively instilling the bond in members young and seasoned, and reason after reason to give thanks as you look into the eyes of each member.

I didn’t invest anytime this weekend into my job, as they wanted a last minute project done. It could have waited to next week but someone else took on the task. I’m grateful that I didn’t compromise the value and time I wanted to invest in family.

Each day we are blessed.. yes, gifted.. with time. You don’t know how much time you have. You do get to choose how you spend that time, even when others don’t understand. I’m grateful for time and time with my family.

Build the bridges of love that span generation to generation. Priceless would be an understatement. The effects are far reaching. 💛

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