It’s March

We are Marching into another month.

I know people say this often but… time is really moving. it’s wild because some days feel like they drag. At the same time, time seems to be progressing through the year fast. Sounds a bit contradictory but that’s the feeling.

Things still haven’t progressed as quickly as I would like. However, each day is some form of progress, even if it is waking up and breathing another day. Grateful for this ability to be given another chance.

What’s been going on in my life lately?

Well, it’s been a bit… i don’t even know what to call it. As I write this, the loss of a cousin this weekend is on my mind. He was such a wonderful person. He did his best to battle cancer and ARDS but God had better plans for him. Grateful for the life that he lived and the wonderful family that I have. We really do love and support each other.

Also, I’ve been pushing hard to study for the CompTIA Security+ exam that I plan to take in May. And let me tell you, it is a lot of information that can easily become confusing so the daily reviews are much needed. It’s often frustrating when I can’t get to my study time and behind on the progress that I’ve hoped to make due to everyone else’s needs. This is a tender area for me but I need to exercise “No” more in the areas that I am able. I’ve been trying but sometimes there just isn’t enough of me to go around. if you are a parent, you definitely understand this. Now combine that with feeling other roles both professionally and personally. It can be a tug of war with your own needs being left behind at times. Not a good look, it does demonstrate a good heart but…

I started a new project today that I hope will open up more doors, time, and financial increase. Now isn’t the time to reveal the full details but keep your eyes peeled. It feels amazing to make a plan last month and execute a portion of it today. It’s a process. Let’s see where it goes.

On another note, I hope that this week started off on a happy note for you. I hope that you feel supported and heard. I hope that comfort and healing come your way. And most importantly, I hope that you love yourself and others in radical, positive and impactful ways.


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