Pivot… Progress

It’s one a.m.  It feels like I haven’t written in ages. A lot has been on my plate and I’m not beating myself up about it.

In the time that I’ve been away, my goals have pivoted a bit. In the tech realm, instead of working toward the practical dev ops cert, the course will be used as a boost up for knowledge building. This proves beneficial because it gives me insight into bridging the gap in the areas of security and development. Yep, they are two different things but work together toward a common goal. I’ve decided not to pursue the cert because there isn’t a need or use for me to have the cert but the course material, again, gives me knowledge that can aid me in other areas.

My focus and time investment now is back on cybersecurity. Yes, it’s a love of mine… the good side of things. What’s the pivot? CompTIA Security+ certification. This is the goal by May 2020. I desire to pass it on the first attempt. Aiming high? Of course. Of course.  This goal will be achieved.

This week’s focus is on: 1) Overview of Security, 2) Malware, and 3) Malware Infections.  All of the information is intriguing, triggers creativity and problem-solving, and makes you feel like a wizard as you are thinking in a dark manner that helps others become more secure in their lives, personal and professional.

Tomorrow, or later today rather, I look forward to reviewing my information and tackling another session in my focus areas of the week.

Great things in store.

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