Day 28 – Praise through Pain

It’s not easy and sometimes feels like a superhero feat to still praise and give thanks when you’re feeling the pain.

It’s a pain that can’t be eased and only processed. A pain that no matter what any other person says nothing can provide true healing.

Only God can be that healing. And if I’m being honest, which you know that’s who I am, it feels like God isn’t listening sometimes. More times than I’d like to think about.

Yet, I still give praise and gratitude. I still push forward. I still invest a lot of energy in improving myself, fixing what’s been broken, healing, striving for the best, loving with everything in me, and doing my best to do no harm.

I’m only human. I feel. I think. I strive. I endure. I’m tired.

The song: What more can I do comes into my mind? And if you’ve heard it, it’s asking God what more can I do? How can the person be used for God’s will? I ask this question and surrender to God’s will.

I also ask what more can I do to ease the burden that I feel often, to ease the struggle, to reclaim the happiness, and to feel more sunshine and progress, than pain and lack. What more can I do?

I praise. Yes, I praise through the good and bad. I praise when I feel my lowest and when I’m in a good mood. I praise.

I praise though pain is present. It’ll get better one day, I hope. I’ll continue to praise.

I praise. I praise you, Lord. I praise.

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