Day 25 – Stop Accepting The Abuse

Someone that truly cares and desires for you to be in their life will never make you wonder about your position in their life nor make you feel like you’re not worth the effort.

Often times, we love hard. We care deeply and desire to see the best in others.

The problem is when we make people important who only see us as someone that won’t ever walk away and manipulate the goodness of who you are. They will continue to make excuses for chasing other people, justify their immature behavior, and pour defeat where there should be hope and life.

It hurts my heart to see people endure this. It hurts my heart to see people that you trust truly abuse that trust. It hurts my heart to see friends take friends for granted and lie, especially friends that are married.

If you’re someone that abuses the people in your life, you lack maturity. Shame on you.

If you’re someone dealing with a person that doesn’t value or deal with you in the way that you deserve, it may not be easy but love yourself enough not to accept it anymore.

Everyday we see how precious time is.

We see it when we spend it with ones we love.

We see it when those we love pass away.

Time can’t be replaced.

Stop investing in dead situations.

People around you are affected also.

Even if someone is building, they still would want to protect you, love you, respect you, be honest, stop entertaining others (especially when they know it’ll hurt you), and make time.

Most importantly If they had standards and love for themselves, they would NOT even put you or themselves in those positions.

Let that marinate.

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