Day 24 – Preparation and Reward

All that I’ve encountered has been preparation for what’s to come and what I’m currently experiencing.

It took the hardships, the doubts, the smiles and the tears to bring me to the woman that I am presently.

Everyday, as long as I don’t give up, I’ll continue to grow.

My reward is the wisdom. My reward is the ability to still exhibit faith in the midst of discouragement. My reward is the heart and mental muscle that I’ve gained that will allow me to connect to and help others when they can’t see hope due to darkness.

It’s not easy writing as honestly and from a place of vulnerability as I do. I do it anyway as it may impact others, while I’m also ministering and working on myself. Then other writing isn’t even about me but for fun or critical thinking.

As I write this, preparation is still taking place. I was reminded this week of the obscurity needed while being prepared. There are things within me and others connected to me that need to remain obscure while it is being prepared to be birthed.

Can you feel the hope? Can you feel the intention within the process? Can you feel that although I’m afraid in some areas that I still walk in faith with good intentions?

Preparation and Reward.

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