Day 23 – Faith Is Fuel

I got a little bit off track with writing during the week at the end of last week. It happens and all is well. The goal of 100 days of writing will be reached.. let’s keep it going.

Faith is fuel. My fuel.

There are times when faith has been more than strength. It has been the hope needed, especially when I cannot see the progress nor feel like any progress has been made. Goodness, thank goodness for faith.

Since the start of the month, there have been a lot of different plans that I have in action to deepen my relationship with God, stand in the gap with prayer for myself and others, and know the knowledge of the will of God. I’ve said this before but prayer and the action of growing closer to God will affect the other areas of your life. The goal isn’t to connect for a reward or with ill motive to force a situation. The goal is deeper relationship for me. I won’t go into full detail because I think there are things that should be kept between a person and God. It really feels like the best move to make.

On another note, I’m still pushing toward the DevSecOps certification and working toward securing contracts. The goal will be achieved. There is a setback due to my lab extensions expiring in two days and I don’t have the money to extend it but maybe something awesome will happen. However, it still won’t stop me from continuing the rest of the course and studying for the exam. The labs will have to be approached another way. No worries at all because you know what? I have favor. Let that marinate.

I’m walking in the favor that I have. I’m proceeding with love and kindness. I live a lifestyle of integrity, positivity, and ambition. Yes, I’m feeling great.

And not only will the tech certification be achieved, so will writing contracts, remote gigs, entrepreneur goals and so much more. I give thanks in advance.

The things that kept me weighted down last year will have no weight this year. No overthinking. No struggling and depending on others for the resources that I need, unless it is God’s will in that area. Claiming my own place. Claiming boundaries in place so I’m not consistently drained. Claiming respect, value and worth. Even if others don’t see it, I know and will walk in it. Yessssss, I’m feeling good about what’s in store. Not only for myself but for those connected to me as well.  May I be blessed with more than enough to be a blessing to others.

Cheers to a great week. Cheers to a week of clarity and knowledge of God’s will. Cheers to what’s to come and what has been overcome.

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