Day 22 – For The People

evening reflection


This post is for…

…the people that have endured a long year that almost broke them but they keep pressing forward

…the people who experienced failure but they did not give up

…the people that have endured heartache, heartbreak, and loss, yet you still find a reason to smile

…the people who commit to being loving, understanding, and compassionate even when others don’t reciprocate

…the people who are seeking transformation as they apply themselves one day at a time

…the people who are accountable and changing the areas of self that will improve and impact more than just self

…the people who smile even when they want to cry

…the people who have lost their home but haven’t lost hope

…the people who sit home alone knowing that next year will be much better

…the people who have wealth internally when they could use a helping hand

There are so many unmentioned people who still commit to walking in truth.

There are so many unmentioned people who are misunderstood yet keep doing their best with what they have while doing no harm.

I send love and cheers to all of you. 2019 hasn’t been the most uplifting but we still find reasons to smile, encourage and help others, possess character and integrity, and love like we haven’t been hurt.

Cheers to you. Cheers to you.

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