Day 21 – Be Water

My goal is to be water.

Today has been rather.. extended.

My aunt’s funeral was today and it went remarkably well. The goal was to be a celebration. Her life was celebrated with tears and smiles. Proud of my family for their love and strength.

On another note, I didn’t hear from someone that I care for deeply. I’m allowing God to fight that battle and guide me through this process. God knows things that I never can nor will. My prayer is that the best is the result that’s loving and God’s will.

Growth isn’t always comfortable but my response is what’s important to me. I approach things with integrity, love, understanding, and gratitude. I’m shifting through the moments as they are, not as I hope they will be. There are times when things are clear and have to be taken as they are.

I accept that. I maneuver accordingly.

I am being water my friend.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 – Be Water

  1. I believe more now than ever before through experience that our loved ones meet us in Spirit in the new world. It is we who remain on earth in our journey back to the Lord who suffer the loss for a short time. This is the reality until we realize the Kingdom of the Beloved within is us. All this is coupled in The Holy Spirit who brings us to knowing now we are all in Yeshua and He in us as One with the Father of Lights Always now and forever more. Amen

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