Day 16- Dual Perspective

This is my early day 16 post…

Think on this…

Have you considered shifting your perspective to see the other viewpoint?

For example:

Youth don’t listen to adults.

What’s an alternate view of the above example?

Adults don’t listen to youth.

Two perspectives. One view surfaces first, until the other view is considered or presented. Views that are not usually present at the same time.

If you’re not aware, this is kind of how blindspotting works. Initially you see one position first, and then the other may come into view as you push to see it from another angle.

This is so present in so much of how we maneuver on a day to day.

Think on this. Based on the above, how often do we shift to allow others to change?

Another example, you’re in a relationship.

Each partner has been doing self work to make things work better.

However, old perspectives keep the new growth from being witnessed, appreciated, and a new foundation.

One or both are blind, therefore stunting growth, optimism, and hope of what could be.

I type this because I hope we all challenge ourselves to see and understand each other from a different perspective, especially those we love and that love ya, those that are consistent and present, and those that truly seek change for the best of both.

Let that marinate

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