Day 14 – She Wept

Typing away on her laptop, she was overcome.


She couldn’t quite explain the heaviness that tears just couldn’t quite heal.

So many nights of prayers seeking answers and giving thanks for strength, all seemed to finally surface.

An overload of emotions. An overload of striving. Slow climbs. Joys and Grief.

She wept.

Tears poured in gratitude and in pain. Tears poured for doubts and uncertainty.

Tears poured to water her visions that she prayed would become reality.

You see what she couldn’t express she wrote. Manically. Feverishly. Wholeheartedly.

Unsure of how to stop.  Unsure of how to release it,

She continued to pour from her soul in the hopes that something would be exactly what she needed


2 thoughts on “Day 14 – She Wept

  1. The emotions in this piece are so real and felt! I’ve felt this way several times. Wow! Your words have captured what many feel but can’t express. It’s beautiful! ❤️

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    1. Your comment gives me so much joy. It’s hard to express what is felt sometime. Hard to let go, be strong, find peace, and not feel hurt and lost at times. Only release sometimes is overwhelm and tears. Glad you can relate. I wish i had a remedy for this that provides balance, love, and peace. Thanks for reading and uplifting me.

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