Day 12 – A Brick At A Time

There was a wall, a fortress, of protection. A fortress that kept one protected, as well as isolated. And just when you think your wall is air tight, unbreakable, insurmountable, and impenetrable… someone connects with the areas you thought had grown numb and a brick was removed.

This wasn’t any brick. This brick’s careful removal allowed in a ray of sunshine to illuminate what was dark, misunderstood, and malnourished. The removal of this brick created access coupled with love and hope. This brick being touched with the intention of removing the barrier and reconnecting.

There will be more bricks that will have to come down. And as they are removed, two worlds grow closer to becoming one. May there be success in removing all barriers and bricks, and a new foundation built upon the things that make each of those worlds complete.

In the meantime, can someone please help me stop the waterfall of tears that are a result of the thankfulness and joy of someone seeing worth, love, and a future to take the time to remove the brick that begins the process of God at work🥰😭🥰

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