Day 6/100

The start to a week is usually one to buckle in for, especially Monday.

Today was no different. I buckled in at the crack of dawn and proceeded forward full speed until I was able to take an hour and a half nap. It was much needed, yet not enough.

However, I’m grateful for the moment to rest.

Today was also another reminder that I can’t be present for everyone and saying “No” is definitely self-care. There’s no one I can put time into bettering myself and position if it’s making sure others are building their lives at my expense.

Case by case. Case by case. Case by case. This is the mantra I must keep in rotation. Invest self on a case by case manner without guilt.

On a lighter note, I won a course. You may think this is nothing but I assure you this is big. The course is a DevSecOps course complete with one exam for certification. This certification will greatly enhance my skill set, experience, and finances. Tomorrow I will start digging deep on the course and labs, especially while my excitement and motivation is high. Praises up!!!

Let’s see how it goes. Maybe I can share some info with you just because it’s good to learn something new, don’t you think?

On a separate, yet random note, every had someone say seeing things moving out the corner of your eyes are angels around you? I have and i wonder if it’s accurate. I’ve seen movement out the corner of my eyes for years and years but it’s decreased a lot over the last few months. But guess what? Since the end of last week, it’s been back consistent. I always look up and it feels like I just missed seeing whatever was moving. Anything like this ever happened to you all?

Podcast and rest mode for me. If you’re looking for a new podcast to check out, Jemele Hill is unbothered is a good one.

Hope your day brought a smile to your face. As out of sync as mine was, it really did make me smile. Salute to many more.

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