Day 5/100 – In The Ring & Rested

There were a few things on the agenda for today but mostly I moved the majority of it to tomorrow since it’ll be a busy day.

Relaxing was achieved today. Self-care 101. The next few days will be busy so I decided to take today in strides. It went great. Rainy and relaxing start to the day. Rain actually made me feel like I couldn’t get out the covers.

During the relaxing phase, a show caught my eye that is produced by Viola Davis. It’s called In A Man’s World. The show tackles biases and judgments regarding gender.

One of the episodes involved a professional pool player. She’s earned her spot with her talent, has won championships, and still endures criticism because she’s a woman.

She competed against one of the men and he insulted her numerous times exhibiting a lack of respect and power move. She underwent makeup to make her appear as a man and played him in pool. As she played him as a male, he didn’t insult her and barely commented at all but did give compliments on her playing ability. Later, she revealed what she did, how it made her feel, and discussed things with the men involved.

This show is great as it uses different people from women as preachers, women in politics, and women in Indian culture, and more to bring awareness, discussion, and hopefully impact and change to those involved and those viewing. Take a moment to tune into it.

On another note, I took another leap and applied for a Cybersecurity position in Seattle. Not sure what will happen but if I’m offered the position, big fun and experience ahead. Let’s see what happens.

It’s good to keep advocating for yourself, pushing pass fear, and challenging yourself in the areas of interest/passion. You never know what doors may open and how that will enhance your life and others. What areas do you need to push forward in?

As this is day five, I’m exceptionally proud of myself and others who have also embraced this 100 days of writing (excluding weekends) goal with me. Applause!!!

The night is coming to an end and the way I desire to spend it is a hour of reading and a podcast as I doze off. Grateful for another day.

Wishing you a weekend filled with safety, answered prayers, peace and love.

Wait, curious question: Do you all read posts at one time and go back and like many of them in a row? Or do you just hit the like button without reading? I’ve wondered as I’ve noticed many times back to back notifications of posts being liked with only a few seconds between the notifications. No shade, just wondering what the process is.. let me know.

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