Day 4 / 100 – Data Day

Data Day.

From personal to professional, today has been one flowing with information. Even in the midst of it all, there was a peace present that allowed me to navigate today to the best of my ability and with God’s love and guidance.

A lot of progress was made regarding plans for a book club this month. Although small in number, it ranges from teens to young adults. This is a benefit as it gives insight for each person into the perspective, experience, and wisdom of others. Each can learn and connect while enjoying a brilliant book. If you’re curious as to what book we will be reading, it’s Slay by Brittney Morris.

Slay is filled with culture, societal influences and assumptions, creativity, honor, and even gaming for my fellow gamers out there. This book is much needed on so many levels as it addresses the real life situations that we encounter day to day set in a scene that can be deciphered and discussed. If you can’t tell how elated I am, catch up because I’m excited.

Here’s my public service announcement:  Be encouraged to read more. Connect with others and connect in ways that inspire, empower, and challenge your thought. Please don’t say you don’t read, especially if you are on social media READING all the time. You’re reading. The method and information we are investing in is what we need to shift.

Moving right along.

As i said, today was data filled. On the professional or tech side of things, I participated with Dikayo Data in a chat focused on podcasts and data science. It was wonderful and introduced me to some podcasts that I had never heard of but will definitely give play time. Check out Dikayo Data’s podcast titled DataFemme. It really is a great listen and delivers applicable information.

One more thing before I wrap this post up, I’ve been at such peace AND a prayer was answered today. A prayer of love, wholeness, and healing… it was unexpected and it was answered today. For this, I express gratitude.

Speaking of prayer, prayers up on this leap that I took. I put myself out there to be approved or not for a role as an instructor teaching a course that I will develop. It’s a tech course, of course. If I receive the approval, my focus areas of consideration are Math for Programmers or SASS. Either will be fun to teach and continue learning about myself. So, send up some prayers for me for success if you have time.

Thankful Thursday.  Indeed, it is a thankful and peaceful Thursday.

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