Looking forward to?!

Laying here feeling under the weather, the question “What are you looking forward to?” surfaces in my thoughts. The most obvious and present answer being to feel better than I do now. Being sick sucks but thank goodness it is only temporary.

Hmm, what do I look forward to?

After all that I’ve been working hard toward this year, I can’t really answer the question. Sure, I can blame it on the low grade fever and congested face but I feel like I’ve looked forward to more stuff when I wasn’t asking myself to answer this question.

It’s the middle of November and so much has happened this year. There are things that didn’t come to pass and things that did. I kind of feel burnt out right now or low energy on looking forward to anything but the next breath in my body.

That sounds kind of depressing, huh? I don’t mean it to be. It’s just an accurate description of the current condition. Maybe I’ll be able to answer this question next week or tomorrow. Never know what clarity may come and the method in which it will arrive.

Well, allow me to pose the question to you. What do you look forward to?

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