Day 3-5: Tech & Poverty


This post should have been out a couple of days ago but life happens.

And my life can be a bit… interesting to say the least.

Let’s talk tech and poverty. What am I missing?

There’s engagement but no action.

How do I merge the two for a beautiful recipe of productivity, progression, and impact? Think on that a bit, as I will also.

Has my situation changed? Well, financially things are still bleak but I’m hoping some of the positions that I applied for are fruitful. Presently, I don’t have next month’s rent.

Think about it. If I strapped hard to raise this month and finally got that met, how would I have next month’s rent? That gives me until October 1 to figure something out. Not long at all, heavy stress.

This is the cycle that I am working hard to break.

The cycle of not knowing what the next week will look like. The cycle of not sleeping because I am stressing trying to create a plan, product, service, or way to make money that doesn’t cause me to trade my values and morals in the process.

This is why I express that too many people lack understanding of how a small portion of what they make each month or $5000 out of the six figures that they make each month is able to change the life of someone else. Drastically! Some of these amounts are pocket change to people and they spend it on ONE clothing item or accessory. Wild concept, huh.

A little bit helps so much. No, we can’t save everyone but we can help as many people as we can and still have more than what we need.

Well, what are you doing each day, G? I teach youth to code and that schedule fluctuates. On top of that, I’ve been applying for jobs, studying coding, and working on projects and gigs that can generate money. The gigs just haven’t generated much of anything at all. It’s hard when you put your time and effort into things and they go unnoticed.

To push that further, I’m a mother to three kids. These kids have activities after school which requires time and a parent that can make these things happen. And yes, these activities cost money as well, down to the gas that is spent running them back and forth to the food eaten daily. Three kids eat a lot and consistently and… it’s like a black hole that never fills up.

Want more? I also mentor youth and help manage their activities at church and away from church. Then, I run media on Sundays for church, while also filling positions that when they have meetings take time as well. And don’t even get me started on being a positive presence and adult in the lives of youth who have parents that don’t care if they are alive, make it home safely, or even have power in the house. I don’t take that role lightly. It’s parents such as myself that keep youth from giving up.

What I can’t do financially, I do by utilizing love, action, presence, direction, and allowing them to know that their presence, voice, and life matters.

Tackling life and also working hard at managing my day to strike oil is a hard one folks. Hard. Right now, it’s barren. Can you imagine if you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually engaged in something the majority of your 24 hour day and the next day the same thing? Keep repeating the cycle.

Burnout is real.

Sleep isn’t much of a relax because guess who has insomnia?

I don’t say this for sympathy because I don’t need your sympathy. I express this for insight because a lot of what I do has never been focused on myself. It has always involved helping others in some shape, form, or fashion.

The issue comes here: What about when I need support, when I finally ask for it?

Ghostbusters isn’t the answer to the above question. I’ve laid out what I need and that is financial support while I try to flip my situation that handles finances. Clear. Cut. Grateful for all who see and act upon this.

Moving right along, has there been any progress in the last few days with the seeds that I’ve planted?

One of the front-end developer positions did send a personality test that I completed Friday… so the waiting game begins. Also, I participated in a informational session for a part-time role that can help financially. I am due to take an assessment in that area. Two of the positions that I applied for that weren’t front-end related were met with “we decided not to move forward.” The other applications, I haven’t heard back from them yet.

There will be more applications, studying, coding project building, parenting, and goals that I strive for this entire week. Keep sending those prayers up and sharing the message/journey with others.

You never know who can help open a door, make a donation, or something that neither you or I could have imagined that improves the situation.

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