Day 2: Tech & Poverty


Poverty, this word can mean so many different things for so many people.

Yesterday, I was met with the discussion that I was far from poverty and only wanted things the way that I wanted them. This was a tough response to digest. Although it was later talked about to gather understanding, it initially was perceived a different way. Perspective is everything huh.

My first reaction was hurt because the lack of understanding for my experience was not present. Lightbulb: Not everyone will understand your experience. Being the thinker that I am, I still let the words sit a few.

Does the internal wealth eliminate the external poverty? It can when packaged and received.

The internal wealth can be the fuel that you need as you strive for external increase. No, it’s not all about the money but money is a tool for survival in this world. Rent can’t be paid by my hopes. My children can’t be fed with my good intentions. The clothes that we need can’t be purchased by the motivation flowing in our hearts.

There are some rare cases in which this may work. In my case, it’s not the reality.

I press on.

This desire to bridge a big gap between survival, entry into tech, and a community that feels respected, honored, seen, motivated, and connected while living day after day is the ultimate goal. I’m doing what I can with what I have in the ways that I am able.

Things will get better and the vision and hard work will be a functioning reality that impacts and changes lives in good ways, ways that affect generations.

As one of my best friends reminded me: We should be thinking creatively on how we can accomplish the goal.

I don’t accept poverty as a reality. It is a present positioning that I am daily fighting my way out of in many avenues. There are times I get knocked the… OUT. There are times when I’m so exhausted I just have to sit still in silence and just be thankful for life. I don’t accept the present because my heart, mind, and purpose are far bigger. My actions are far bigger even if I can’t see their harvest right now.

So, what have you done to improve the situation, G, since this is about tech? I’m glad that you asked.

I networked by building more relationship because I believe in people. I value people. I respect people. I love people.

After that, I applied to 13 jobs in different industries, majority were tech in the areas of front-end development. Then, I took a dive into Upwork again and submitted proposals for several gigs. Fingers crossed.

I also provided a resource for someone on their tech journey who can benefit from it, which gave my heart pure joy. Elation. The skill up in whatever form is vital. Action applied toward the need is the right step.

I was not able to dive into Info Sec like I wanted to for hours because my brain and body were tired at the end of the night. My mom duties kicked in and I was on the go for a few hours as well. By the time that settled a bit, it was time for a webinar on increasing finances, which I still am not sure I gathered anything from it but a spiritual boost and more motivation to push toward my goals harder.

Once this was over, it was nearly 11 pm. After the mental ping ponging, my mind was tired of focusing for a while. The reoccurrence of my headaches due to stress has shown me to dial it back a moment to regroup. A dead G doesn’t provide help to anyone. I’m honest about it.

Today so far has already been filled with applications and email followups. It’s been filled with truly acknowledging the accomplishments and successes of others, as this gives me great joy. It’s been filled with motivating my children because it is really hard on them as well. Hurts my heart but I’m doing my best. When I am able to treat them, it will be well deserved and a moment of great thanks and fellowship.

The agenda further includes a few hours of Info Sec studying and an outline on how to create my portfolio. Nope, I don’t have a portfolio which seems to be the must have to be even considered as someone in tech. Finances and survival have been my focus while continuing to learn. So, a portfolio hasn’t been the highest priority.

Moving on, the plans further include preparation for a talk that I’m scheduled to have tomorrow regarding bridging the generational divide. The question to be addressed is how do the older generation and the younger generation see, understand, and communicate with each other to ensure growth, respect, contribution, and love. It is a chasm that affects many. Once my body relaxes a bit, there will be work conducted on my book. Then, parent mode again as kids will be returning from their school events late tonight. Sleep may not even occur until about 2 am and then back up at 530a for another kid event. Busy busy busy.

Let’s tackle this thing one day at a time.

I hope your day brings you a smile and closer to your dreams.

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