Day 1: Tech & Poverty



Hmm, wondering why Day 1? Well, this will be the first day of actually making notes on the steps I’m taking on this journey. The journey is defeat this poverty over my life while exploring tech, as well as other avenues such as writing. As we know, tech and writing do merge together as well.

Tech is a vast industry with multiple routes to change your life and impact the lives of others.

How will this promise take place? Well, I know people say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. My plan is not to allow the plan to block my reaching beyond what I’ve outlined for that day.

The goal minimum each day is to apply to tech jobs, network with others, and build my skills while I continue to grow in this arena. Not area, arena. It’s a battle.

The goal is maintain self-care during this process. There’s a family (direct and indirect) that depend on me. So, in the midst of mentoring youth, running media and church events, performing parental duties, and much more that has the ability to easily shift the plans and balance of the day. Through it all, self-care must occur daily.

Let’s see where this journey leads and the places that will be impacted as well. There will be times it may involved specific details such as what companies I’ve applied to, how I’m feeling during the struggle, affirmations to remain on track, and whatever I truly feel like sharing.

My message to you is: Thanks for taking the time to read this post and follow along. The next call to action is sharing this post because it could benefit someone else along their journey, even if it only resonates and makes for good reading material.

One more thing, as this post is about tech and poverty, it will include a Buy Me A Coffee Link at the end of each post. I’m not doing well financially, depleted, and anything helps along this journey for my family and I. Thanks in advance for your support.

Support with generosity: Buy Me A Coffee

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