Make Six Figures In A Week



It’s amazing how six figures can change your life, especially after amassing that amount within a week’s time. How would your life change due to that financially profitable week?

Now chew on this: what if you only needed a couple thousand dollars to keep a roof over your family’s head? Would the IMPACT be just as great as making six figures in a week?

This may only be an example to you but for many people this is very real. Although six figures would change their lives, sometimes their focus is only on the couple thousand dollars that is much lower, much more obtainable, and life changing.

Here’s a deeper question: If you were able to help that family reach that couple thousand dollar goal, would you apply your money to help them reach the goal?

This is the very real problem that many of us face day after day, including myself. It’s hard to get people to care about the smaller goal because they are too busy being distracted by the larger goal. This is not to say that the larger goal doesn’t carry weight. It IS to say that if we apply small steps, small actions, small donations to several lives, we can IMPACT big change. We can save many families.

Another problem is that we don’t step outside of our own minds or world to even see the person in need.

And the times that we do, we read it and scroll right by, even if we know several people who can pour into helping that person.

Is it too much effort or time to send out a call to action to 50 friends seeking their help in donating $20 a piece to help someone else? An action like that in one day from those 50 people would generate $1000. A family saved and all it cost was maybe choosing to miss out on a Starbucks that morning and eating out for lunch or dinner for that ONE DAY. Is this too much to ask?

Question is: Are you willing to apply that action? It has to start somewhere. Why not with you?

We have to stop being so busy that even if we can’t pay the $1000 ourselves (some people are able to easily and still won’t), at least we are willing to reach out to 50 people and share the cause and actionable amount to reach the goal in record time.

Here’s a statement to process but do it from the view of the person who needs the assistance.

“It can be frustrating when you are giving your best effort but what is required of you is beyond your ability.” ~Steven Furtick~

Personal testimony: This sums up how I have been feeling. It’s frustrating when I give my best effort but what is required of me is beyond my ability.

I type this as I need to reach a goal of $1285 by September 5, 2019. It is beyond my ability to reach this amount but it isn’t beyond the ability of others who are willing to apply actionable steps by reaching out to others who can apply a small amount to assist. The hardest part to grasp at times is that not many people are willing to even do that because they don’t personally interact on a day to day basis with me or they just don’t care because it doesn’t affect them. Well, the people who are present in your day to day living are grasping more than you know and you aren’t even checking and being irrationally generous to assist them.

Usually it takes us being humbled by the pain of being in a rock bottom position to see how vital assistance is.

This is my ask for you. Take a moment and reach out to 50 people, even if not 50 try 20 people. Ask them to pour the small amount of $20 into helping someone else reach their goal with the reward of knowing that you helped someone’s life better in ways that you could never imagine. Don’t worry I have a place for you to start in applying that big heart action.

This is my call to action for you right now in this moment. Will you answer the call? If you’re serious about caring enough to help reach the $1285 goal, here is the gofundme link.

You can also donate via CashApp and Venmo to @enigmaticsoulrg and PayPal at

Together we can do an IMPACTFUL action a day to change lives for the best.

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