Surviving vs Thriving



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou’s quote captures so beautifully my plight.

My desire is to thrive, not only continue to fight for survival.

Somewhere the two began to battle and one overpowered the other. It’s been a struggle to regain control since.

The situations cause questions to bubble to the surface:

  1. Was it because I didn’t receive the necessary wisdom and direction as a child that put me on this path?
  2. Is it a series of bad decisions that keep me digging and digging without any sign of… relief?
  3. Could it be that society is set up this way and others are really faking that they are making it?

The only one that I could truly answer is question 2. Nope, it’s not a series of bad decisions. Because if that was the cause, my good ones would’ve built me a stairway to heaven by now and helped many others build theirs as well a million times over.

Striving vs thriving. Have you ever stopped to question which one you most closely relate to (reside in)? Maybe you’ve managed to achieve both, the ability to survive this life journey and thrive in a beautiful, blossoming way.

Let me tell you what: I’m sick and tired of only surviving with a heavy dose of failure to thrive. As you know, I don’t give up but a woman (this amazing woman) is tired.

Some days it is a physical level of tired. Other days it is emotional. Far too many days, it is being tired in a way that my soul is too depleted to recover. Let me rephrase that, my soul is rich spiritually but that too can feel like its being tested and drained. It’s the wealth of my life but goodness… (this is where I sigh deeply because I’m not a lose control type person and press on).

Question now: How do I flip it into a reward right now so I can obtain external results because this sister, this woman, this light, this human… Needs something right now that can answer a prayer that I’ve prayed far too many times. ASAP

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