Failure after Failure, Now what…


Let me stop you here if you think this is a post that will cure failure. It’s not. It’s an honest post about failure, about what you experience when you fail, and what to do next as you work your way through it.

Failure has knocked at the front door of many of our lives, sometimes daily. Raise your hand if you’re one of those daily warriors of combating failures. 🙋🏾‍♀️ I am.


Today has actually been one of those days. I’ve failed at having the necessary finances for my upcoming rent. If you’ve been here, you know this stress. I’ve failed at having my website up which would help financially. I’m still working out the bugs which has taken a couple of days to do, even with the help of support.


I’ve failed at being a parent that can sign their kid up for something very beneficial because I don’t have the funds. I’ve failed at allowing others in because a lot of times people want to know and gossip, instead of help you in the way you need or direct you to the person or place that can. I’ve failed in so many areas that it’s become a norm that builds my daily strength, tolerance, focus and wisdom. I’ve failed to thrive in the ways that mean the most to me and that I invest them most time in. If you’ve been here, keep reading.


First off, I see you. The emotional whirlwind and frustration resonates, as well as the time that feels wasted in trying again and not meeting the goal after working your a$$ off DAILY!! Breathe.


Breathe. Constantly, this is an action that I have to put into play. Breathe.

It may not fix the failure but it can help you to regain clarity and peace. Next, look back at ways that could have contributed to the failure and how to improve what’s already present. Map out potential outcomes of the changes that you can make and how that would help you upon success. Consider also if a new route should be taken in order to reach the goal. In some cases, maybe the goal has to be rewritten.


Most importantly, this is the hardest one for me, ask others to help you figure out how to solve the problem or provide insight and resources that can help you. It’s important that your focus and goal are clear or this information can take you down a rabbit hole of overwhelming information taking you even farther from your goal. Asking for help isn’t easy nor is asking the right questions. Consider this: what if that someone has the answer that resolves your problem or area of failure? How does this propel you toward your next step? Failures can’t be avoided. The failure that CANNOT be accepted is NOT TRYING. I’m going to say that again in case you missed it:

The failure that CANNOT be accepted is NOT TRYING.

Enough time has been spent letting you know that I understand you, resonate with you, walk with you, and cheer you on because this place of failure isn’t our home. It’s only a lab for us to tweak what we are working on and to keep moving forward.

Now, Breathe and get back to work.

Interested in more motivation, comment on the post or reach out to me on Twitter @enigmaticsoulrg. I’m working on creating a community in which we are present for each other, a community where we can come together and provide resources and insight, and a community that truly cares about your success, as you care about the success of others as well. Make today powerful!

5 thoughts on “Failure after Failure, Now what…

  1. I so love this post and I’m raising my hand high on this one, Virgo! Yes, failure is something I’m well aware of, as many human beings are. The only thing that sets some people apart from others in that department is that some continue to move forward TRYING to get it right, while some just give up and complain about it. I love that you said that “Not Trying” is a failure not acceptable. I totally agree. Even babies fall a few times when learning how to walk, but one day they will eventually walk without wobbly legs. 😊

    I think your goal to reach out and create a community is fantastic and I wish you all the best! We all need to come together and help one another when we can and I think you are the perfect person to do just that, my friend! Keep up the amazing work and I hope that all works out for you in your endeavors and personal life. ☺️

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    1. Hey friend *waves enthusiastically*, so great to read this and know how much it resonates. Failure can’t be avoided. And I love how you stated babies fall a few times but they trying. If we’d all have that baby mentality about it, we’d make some great progress. If we need to cry, we should at the moment and quickly get back up and try again. If we took a moment to look around the room or area we are currently in, can you imagine how much failure was involved in the products and things we experience. It’s monumental. Someone kept going though. Thank you for the kind words and support regarding creating the community. I must do it. I know it can help someone and my experiences can give a unique perspective on ways to implement it. I pray all is going great for you. Let me know how I can help you. Always great to connect with you. Sending you love and joy 💙💛

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      1. Hey, friend!!! (waving back even more enthusiastically 😁). You are so very welcome, Virgo. It’s really my pleasure and I commend your efforts, like I said. How right you are about looking all around us and needing to take into account the amount of failures that went into the everyday luxuries and creations we see in this world. Things were tested and sometimes ideas went to the trash only to come up with better solutions. Eventually they got there. Even the devices we’re using to communicate with one another now!

        Your posts are always so comforting to the spirit and always offer a unique perspective on life. I think so many could benefit from your experiences and what you have to share, including myself. It’s always a pleasure talking with you and getting a chance to share a few laughs and smiles! Gladly receiving the love and joy and sending even more back your way! Enjoy yourself today! ♥️💕☺️

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