Opportunity Alert


Hello, Hello, Hello, Guess what day it is? Nope, it’s not Wednesday but I felt like saying that. Tehehe.

Okay, the real message is that I’ve decided to open up for gigs in two areas and wanted to share the good news. As many of you know, I love to write so I’m pursuing this avenue by taking on gigs to write articles, blog content, and Christian devotionals. So, if you need any of those items or know someone who does please share this article with them or the link to the page. Here’s the writing gig link: Press Me. Hurry because the prices are subject to change soon.

That’s the first gig. The second one is related to my tech side. I’m skilled in the areas of HTML, CSS, JS, Python, and C#. What better way to utilize these skills than to create a website for others who may need it?! Yeah, I thought it was a great idea as well. Maybe you know someone who has a business but may not be able to afford a seven page layout with management systems and etc. Well, it is effective and efficient to at least have a landing page that people can come to. One page that introduces your business, what you offer, how to contact you, and a display of your projects and accomplishments. Most importantly, it’s reasonably priced at a low rate for now, so hop on that fast as well. Here’s the link to the website packages: Press Me.

Again, maybe it isn’t something that you can benefit from but maybe someone else can, share the information. I thank you advance for it.

What is everyone else working on? I’m all eyes (ears). 😊

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