You Acted, But Why

My curiosity and experience lead me to ask:

When you do buy something, share something, or act on something, what inspired you to actually act?

Was it the ability to resonate with what the person was going through?

Did you say, hey I know this person so let me help?

Did the situation feel so bad that you needed to do something?

Or, did you do nothing at all but say umff?

Even if it was a prayer, a praise, or a purposeful action of sharing with someone who could help, what leads you to act and not just observe?

I ask this, not out of a lack gratitude, but observation. I had a convo with a friend and she shared how it is hard to have financial support for a day to day but you can especially find supporters for something that’s not a need/necessity. I’m a thinker so… I was thinking and posed the question.

What causes people to act?

If you’re someone that wants to act, here’s my gofundme:

Actions have helped me get to this point in my goal more than observation.

I do appreciate all support.

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