At the funeral and once it makes the news, we say I should’ve…

Perplexed and questioning somethings…

Well, frustrated and stuck, yet pushing

If you’re wondering about my title, it’s because over and over again I’ve noticed that people will DO or ACT after something bad already occurs.

This usually comes with a “I should have…”, “they should have…”, “we should have…”, or “we could have helped if only…”.

How does one process this after they have reached out and sought help, and people who were able just strolled, scrolled, and did nothing?

Then how do you process why or was it not the most important cause?

Or was it one of many that you’ve seen that day?

Perhaps, it was because you don’t know the person so that makes their need less important?

Let’s process this a little bit more.

If it were a celebrity, would it be important enough to share, to tweet, to text, and so much more?

If it were a breaking news story (after the fact), would it be important?

No, this isn’t an angry post because someone didn’t support me during my hard time.

It’s a frustrated post, especially after you support and share and refer others.

It is a post that sits and questions, why this and not that.

It is a post that I’ve seen this Lack of action happen over and over and over again that never ceases to amaze me.

Yes, there are times I don’t know how to process it.

On a day to day, we don’t help each other. Not everyone, but many, many people.

I’ve done my best to help others even when I don’t have it. And I rarely ask for assistance. I’ve learned also that many people will never see unless they find themselves in the position that they once ignored.. and this inspires them to change and support others.

That’s all I have to say on that.

In the event that you are able to help me keep a roof over my head by August 1, please share or donate to my gofundme. It’s never easy to place vulnerability in front of criticism. Thanks if you are able.

Update: I’ve been given to August 20 to raise the rest.

4 Replies to “At the funeral and once it makes the news, we say I should’ve…”

  1. I clicked “like” but not because I like that you are going through a tough time. I wish that I had money to help you, but if you having been reading my blog, then you know that I’ve been going through cancer treatment since Oct. last year. I do my own house and if you need to and can make it to Rockford, IL, I’ll make room for you.

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    1. Xena, you’re the best. Yes, I’ve followed and prayed many many nights for you and wish I could help you as well. You’re fighting and I’m proud of you. Sending you a ton of love. Your big heart is always in flow. Focus on your healing. It takes strength. You’ve always been supportive and a gem. 💛💛


      1. Your words to me are so encouraging, even in the midst of your own dilemma. Your heart is so, so good. I wish there was something I could do that would resolve your issues within hours — even minutes. My invitation is still open if you need it.

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