Can I afford to??

Ever asked yourself, can I afford to…

*Take a break

*See a movie

*Go on a trip

*Invest in someone else financially.. or in general

*Quit my job

*Be vulnerable

There are so many ways to finish that “Can I Afford To” spot.

One thing to remember is to actually answer “Yes” to some of those things because the majority of the time it feels like we say “No” and place that time, energy, or effort into something else.

I’m not saying neglect your responsibilities or go broke saying Yes to everything. I am saying, It’s okay to say Yes and take the journey into what you normally would’ve said No too.

Disclaimer: Be smart with the decision. Don’t buy the prime rib every night instead of paying the rent. Dont pour your heart into someone you know is unwilling to commit and be faithful. Don’t live a millionaire life on a McDonald’s income trying to impress. Anyway, say Yes sometimes.

8 thoughts on “Can I afford to??

  1. We are the children of the King and can live accordingly. Many scriptures testify to that. So why aren’t we?
    Learn the laws of the Kingdom. Every kingdom has laws, so does the spiritual Kingdom.
    Check out the “money matter” or “the money thing” (not sure).
    Or check out “Money Mysteries from the Master”. It will change your view and your life too.
    It did mine.
    Enjoy it on YouTube under Keesee.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. Presently, I’m weighing my response because tone can’t always be measured in the word, and I’m a little tired at the moment lol. Are you agreeing with my post and supporting it, or disagreeing and directing me to learn more?


      1. Awesome, thanks for clarifying. I was tired so I couldn’t tell lol. I could see the excitement though. I love that. I’ll check out that reference also. Yesssss. Keep sharing

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  2. I completely agree with this! I actually need to practice this more. I’m more likely to say yes to going out with a friend than to spend that same money on myself. Great post 💞

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