Strangling Your Assistance


I saw this picture this morning and…

This message has been on my mind and heart so much the last few months… well years, but it has really been standing out lately as I keep seeing it cycle over and over and over in my life and others.

It reminds me of how we pray for better or desire more, but we harm it, sabotage it, or just destroy the blessings that God sent for no good reason.

I used to wonder why people do the things that they do, but now I give thanks for the clarity and make moves to cut the strings on it as much as possible. As I’m truly not a cold person as people think I can be in these areas, I am just exhausted on dead weight, manipulative people, and all the things that are designed to smother joy, hope, connection, love, unity, truth, integrity, and progress.

See it. Snip it. Walk on.

You can’t save everyone, especially after you’ve advised how they make you feel and they continue with the same behavior or silence (crickets) as if it didn’t happen at all.

Healing comes.

Wholeness comes.

Continue being the person that walks in love and truth and the things that people don’t know how to manage in the very best of ways.

Stay Focused.

7 thoughts on “Strangling Your Assistance

  1. Love overcomes all adversity, and Grace is the gift that keeps on giving.
    Yes, sometimes we have to walk away, but the Lord will stay with them until they are ready to wake up and begin their walk home.

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      1. I cannot believe I missed this. I have so much learning to do on this digital space! Every blessing to you!

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