One task.. maybe two

Simple message for today from me to you

You’re alive. You can read this have it read to you. Here’s my message:

Give thanks.

We seek and seek and seek when we haven’t even said thank you for what’s present.

Today I challenge you to give thanks.

Thank you for the cheeky steps that you’re able to walk down and up again and again.

Thank you for the ability to feel your heartbeat.

Thank you for the wind that blows and you’re able to feel it.

Thank you for the emotions that you feel.

So much more… step outside of the pocket screens and hold your head and heart up today. Give thanks.

How many things can you give thanks for throughout your day?

2 thoughts on “One task.. maybe two

  1. Give Thanks!
    First thing in the morning and last thing at night, and all day in between, give thanks.
    For the problems that we did not meet, for the people who serve us in one way and another, and for the air we breath, -Give Thanks.
    It is the cream of life and changes so many things; our attitude, our feelings, our mood and our voice.

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