If You’d Shut Your Mouth


You read that correctly! Read it again for impact. If only, people would shut their mouths then maybe, just maybe, we can start to make some positive changes.

Triggered? Yeppp. But why? Let me get my coffee and bring you up to speed.

On Earth is where we lay our scene… In several states, cities, homes, neighborhoods, and around many kitchen tables, there’s a group of people fellowshipping, meeting, or whatever. Quickly, the conversation shifts into (insert name of your choice) and how he/she isn’t doing the best because (insert downtrodden, struggle mode of your choice). There are many affirmative head nods, yeses, and “I heard that too” that come from the group. The lengthy conversation continues to pick apart the person’s life and a list of of other negatives grace the scene of the conversation. This then leads into another name and life being thrown upon the table of “yeah, you’re right”, “she’s crazy anyway”, “Lord, I pray for my kids”, and much more. After everyone has had their fill of unproductive convo, they continue on with their day until they meet up with someone else and the conversation continues while gaining followers… the cycle continues.

What does this have to do with me? Why is it of concern to you?

I’ve been an attendee at this conversations. I’ve been the subject of these conversations. I’ve removed myself as much as possible from these conversations but not without the following thought…

  1. How could those conversations been handled differently?
  2. What if those were conversations to problem solve solutions to help the person?
  3. Why do these conversations take place so often and focus more on the negative rather than the accomplishments, celebrations, and just something positive about the person/people?
  4. What if the person was actually present? Let that marinate.

Another big observation/experience: Has anyone spoken to the person before that person was given a problem or issue that they didn’t have because of how outsiders looking in viewed it? Reread that line again for clarity and understanding and for your lightbulb to be illuminated.

Far too often, we diagnose people’s issues and problems and offer up solutions WHEN WE DON’T KNOW THE SYMPTOMS NOR SITUATION. How do you think this can be remedied? Sometimes its as simple as reaching out in trust and confidentiality with the desire to help (not just know their business) to the person and ASK. This one step can help keep you in check and grow. It can help you truly connect, listen, and help someone else how they need to be helped.

Back to my original scenario, you know, the roundtable of opinions. Picture this: Everyone is at the table after having talked to the person (or having the person there) and they are problem solving solutions. Each attendee has offered something positive, whether it be a hug, advice, a resource, insight and encouragement, financial assistance, or etc. The person of topic is helped and each of the attendees have gained a reward as well (the art of helping someone else without expecting something in return except to see them succeed).

Take it a step further: Can you imagine how much and how many people can grow through interactions such as this?

These are the type of conversations we need to have.

These are the type actions we need to take.

We already know what hardships this world can bring, and we’ve had experience in partaking in the dark areas.

Now, let’s breathe more love, more light, more insight, more productive actions, more positive responses, and something other than just conversing and wasting space and energy about something we may not even have insight on to discuss anyway.

May this be your call to action. May this be your call to create conservations that matter. May this be the sign of connection, leadership, and communication you didn’t know that you needed.

Be encouraged. Be the change.

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