There are times when you register a thought so clear that you know it’s time to get back on track because something is out of alignment.

We aren’t always quick to narrow down to what it is exactly but we know the unease, the “something isn’t flowing as it should be”, or maybe it’s a nudge before we veer off our journey.

Being misaligned isn’t a great feeling but if you pay attention you’re able to be open to the shift that you need to make.

At this exact moment, it’s crystal clear what areas I need to shift in.

And if I don’t get it right with my heart, mind, and dedication, it can have me off track for years.

Maybe this is a message or sign that you needed to see, maybe it isn’t.

If it is, get back into alignment.

Make the decision…THE COMMITMENT to yourself that you will get back on the path and work the plan that’s for you.

It will contribute to your wholeness.

It will give you the peace and understanding that you desire.

It will give you the love for yourself and others.

It will give clarity in business and in relationships with others.

So, let’s stop indulging in what we know isn’t our purpose or plan and get back into alignment.

5 thoughts on “Alignment

      1. You’re making me smile from ear to ear. So very kind of you. Thank you. You keep keep writing and being amazing as well. May we continue to create and grow and inspire others.

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