Shifting The Stalks Of Life

Life can sometimes feel like you’re running full speed in a cornfield seeking an opening but you can’t see what’s to come nor which way to go. With each turn, you get smacked in the face and keep encountering the same thing over and over for miles and miles.

There’re times you want to sit down and just give up the battle or search for a way out to something better but internally that’s not the way to go and you push forward. You search on. You trek forward. You are optimistic but burnout and not giving up.

These cornfield days can be a sign to make a shift. It’s a sign to change something even if that’s within or involving your perspective of how you’re viewing the battle. You may not be able to see what’s ahead but maybe others also can’t see or navigate to where you are. Shift.

You may be thinking how do I get out the cornfield. I wish I knew a clear cut machete style answer that chops down the stalks to pave the way but I don’t. I just know to keep on moving, to keep going even when I can’t see the opening or the way out.

Consider this: sometimes you have to silence the thoughts of those outside the field calling your name. Sometimes you have to stop trying to control it all and just say hey, let me smell this fresh air and enjoy this time to myself on this journey. Sometimes you will sit down and rest but be mindful of how far you’ve come and you’re still here. Sometimes that which surrounds you will also be the nourishment that you need for what’s to come.

This may not make sense to you and you picture the movie Signs and now you have to sleep with the light on. But for many, you may follow what is being expressed and it may be the kernel of resonation that you needed. Either way, shift when needed. Push forward as needed. Rest as needed. Be mindful of the present position as well as where you’re going.

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