When all you do doesn’t feel like enough

Yes, it’s a lot on your plate and usually you don’t have time to rest nor take a break.

Your day becomes filled with priorities at the expense of your mental, physical, and emotional energy.

I understand (overstand) how you feel.

As much as you need to get out, job hunt, loan search, support the things that make you smile, you have projects with deadlines that have to be completed.

Projects that don’t pay financially yet. Projects that build the foundation to the goals you are seeking and are working so very hard to accomplish that will produce the fruits of your labor.

You wish it was a sprint sometimes.

You wish it came with a financial bonus for discipline, commitment, motivation, and stellar intentions to keep on pushing.

Instead, it’s a marathon and you have to keep focus on your future and at times numb out the present or you’d cave in with the pressure, with the lack, with the daily tests of your patience and tolerance.

Yet, you push on.

You keep investing the time into what your family needs. You keep investing the time into what you need.

You keep walking with your heart open wide with faith and hope.

It’s no secret though, we all know the frustration that comes from the silence of many prayers. We know the frustration of those who can help but are to selfish to even consider such a thought.

We all know how powerful a prayer is but sometimes you’re just on E.

Exhaustion. Empty. Expendable.

While everything around is expensive and you lack the ability to make any investments because you’ve been depleted in so many ways. It’s hard.

It involves you digging deep into resources to encourage yourself.

Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Your pain doesn’t go unnoticed. Your joy and hope doesn’t go unnoticed.

And many times we may not have the answer to the problems but we pour into you in the ways we can.

There are times I have to ask myself, am I truly helping in the way that I’m able and purposed.

I am and I’m doing my best.

So, be encouraged. Don’t give up. May this be the fuel you need to take another step, to take another breath, and to take the time you need for you.


8 thoughts on “When all you do doesn’t feel like enough

  1. Sis wow! This is so powerful. It spoke directly to me. I’ve been putting my own resources into projects I’m doing and honestly it’s hard. I try to start hopeful but sometimes it worries me that I may not get the investment back. What keeps me going is knowing that I’d regret it if I don’t try and see what possibility looks like. Least I can say I tried

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    1. Yessss, making the attempt and taking the steps goes a long way. I’m with you on that one. It’s a scary and disappointing feeling at times. We keep planting the seeds though. Eventually, some of them will blossom. We had to plant the seeds first right. I’m glad you’re trying and not giving up. I lift my prayers, hands, and heart in support. Keep pushing.

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