Mic Tap for the Mothers


It’s Mother’s Day Weekend!!


I honestly don’t think there are enough words or the right composition of words to capture just how special a mother is.

Whether blood or experience, the role of a mother cannot be denied.

It’s deeper than just staying up late at night making sure that the special loved one is healthy, protected and whole.

It’s far more involved than running on 3 hours of sleep while skirting others back and forth to their engagements.

A mom is that superhero that we know has our back, even when we don’t treat her the best at times nor understand why she did or does it the way she does.

Everyone has a different reflection of a mother and how it’s impacted their lives.

Whatever your view of a mother is, I pray that it has allowed you to grow in ways that you never would have imagined, and that growth leads you to a Thank you that comes from the heart.

So, Happy Mother’s Day!

Special hugs and love for those moms that have become our angels helping us along the way.

Salute to all Moms. We see you!!! 💜

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