New Month, New Goals

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My marathon legs are bringing in another month. As we know, life can be more of a marathon than a sprint. We’re digging deep and gaining another mile if we’re blessed. We’re hydrated and proceeding along the course.

How’re you feeling as we attempt to step out of the April showers and welcome in the May flowers of spring/summertime? Well, I’m feeling like I’ve gathered all my pieces in my basement to start building my rocket ship.

This month is about learning, increasing skills, making new connections, and putting those many, many ideas into action that creates results. How many ideas are you sitting on that just need to be put into action? What about that image in your head that you’ve been saying you’re going to paint for so long.. Paint it… And that book idea that keeps following you around like a toddler in a strange crowd… Write it. Now, yes, right now, May, it’s a glorious month to get that plans out your head and into reality.

Maybe you’re asking yourself how do you start. First, write down your intention and your idea clearly. Make it as descriptive as possible. Then, break that idea down into milestones. These are the different tasks that you want to have completed within your goal by a certain date or point. If you’re writing a book, set a goal to have an outline done by the end of the week. Write another milestone to have the introduction written by a particular date and so on and so on. Make the idea digestible and obtainable. Yes, this may mean that you can’t needlessly scroll up and down the lives of others for countless hours. You have a goal to achieve and sometimes a sacrifice has to be made. How bad do you want it? You have it within you to do everything it requires to reach that goal. Keep it realistic.

Don’t worry, I’m not just preaching to you. I’m also working toward my milestones as well. I created my goals for May when it was still April. And let me tell you, May has some work, work, work, work, work, work (in my Rihanna voice) in store. Believe it or not, I’ve already obtained one of my goals and we’re only a few days into the month.

That reminds me: what’s your motivation? It’s very helpful to keep motivational messages, thoughts, insights, and whatever will fuel you to continue pushing and working hard this month. Find a song that triggers you to think about your goal and get pumped and geared for action. Then, pour it into your task. We won’t always feel highly motivated every day but we can use methods that keep us fueled to do something on our low energy days. Some progress is better than none.

My goal of this message is to encourage you to put those dreams in action. My goal is to breathe hope into your doubts and push you to proceed.. to take a step. My goal is that by the end of the month you look back and smile and celebrate your accomplishments. My goal is that you share this with a friend so they are pumped and ready to engage as well. Now, let’s get to it!!

4 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals

  1. “…And that book idea that keeps following you around like a toddler in a strange crowd… Write it…” – this spoke straight to my heart 🙌

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