For my Mac lovers…

No, I am not a salesman but I do like to share good products. And here is another one… To my Mac users or those wanting to gift an item to a Mac Owner, this case is the business.  Really, I take it with me almost everywhere that I go.  And it’s easy to handle and it was a 6-n-1 deal.  It’s very affordable as well.

mac 6in1

Alright, this bundle of goodies came with 1) a privacy webcam cover (yesss, I know. Protect yourself folks), 2) a pouch for extra items such as your chargers, pens, money or whatever you want to fit in there, 3) keyboard cover, 4) anti-dust plugs, 5) a screen protector, and a 6) sleeve for your laptop that has a carrying handle. The inside of the sleeve is so so soft. It even has a little storage part on the front of the sleeve where you can put more items. Also, I’m very rough of items at times so it has held up. No holes. No tears. No problems. If you desire one, I made it easy for you to find by clicking the image. As I’m not a commercial, I’m wrapping this up. If you get it, let me know what you think. It’s well worth it. Great item for the students in your life as well. Alrighty you all, thanks for reading and have a good night.


Also, if you didn’t know, I’m a tech junkie. Currently pursuing my tech goals and it’s a process. If you want to contribute, Donate here and I love you for it. If not, just put up some prayers. Appreciate you all.

Have a great week!! Major love your way.



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