Seeking info

This post my be geared toward my techies or people who know someone that supply information. Also, let me issue this disclaimer. This NyQuil is taking effect so forgive me if anything doesn’t make sense.

As many of you know, I am on my coding journey. But to fully pour myself in full-time and reach my goal, I need assistance. The deadlines for many of the bootcamps that I wanted to participate in has passed. These bootcamps offered stipends each month. You just don’t know how beneficial this is when you don’t have to worry about rent, food, bills, and can totally focus on coding and building and changing your life forever. Let me get to the point… This is a call of action to those who know of anyone that supplies grants, stipends, scholarships, or just want to invest in a developer at the beginning of their journey. If you do, please forward that information to my email at For those who don’t know anyone but still want to invest, you can donate via PayPal with the same email. Only serious emails please. Yes, there are people who like to take advantage of things like this simple request for information.

Let me thank you in advance. Also, thanks for continuing to read my blog of randomness. You are greatly appreciated. Wishing you all a wonderful night. If nothing up, send up some prayers for clarity along this journey.

In case you wanted to know my coding goal, it’s to empower, educate, and pour into the lives of others by building products that help others emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We have a generation that need healing, support, and need to connect. I want to put my vision into a product that can be accessible by teens and adults according to their level of understanding. This is only the beginning. Once this gets kicked off, the books will start rolling. Of course, you know I want to author books. So many big things on the horizon. Sometimes all I need is a few months to fully pour myself into something and it can truly be a game changer for myself and others.

Talk to you all soon. Take care. Have a wonderful week.

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