Remember when “I love you” was all it took

Now the pain of the loss leaves me shook

Praying day after day to remove the seed

A simple mutual choice would be all we need

But fear had another plan

It built a moat and said nope, love won’t stand

The past painted pictures with a broken song

No love here just move right along

I remember those times when Love was welcomed in

Joy, peace and laughter were produced again and again

Now it’s a place where I focus to suppress

Mending my heart because fear made this mess

Fear opened the gate to reasons not to trust

Dabbled in your digital lust

Not even wanting to think if reality came offline to play

The thought hurt enough that I push it away

Now these steps are purposeful and alone

Faith is the place I call home

There’s moments where it still brings me to my knees

Tears of wondering why this all had to be

As I type this so much rings true

I’m grateful for the good times of God’s blessing in you

I believed we could weather any storm

I chose to walk away to lessen the harm

You see things started getting real to you

You guarded your heart and locked me away from you

Seeking falseness in what keeps you distracted

Was the love we felt something you play acted

Not many people are able to get close to me

You got in, breathed hope, and left just as quickly

And as I sweep up and numb the love inside

I pray God remove the traces of you from every place it resides

Of course it’s not nice to say

Neither was it when you shut down along the way

And all I can do is express it in a poem or two

The friend and lover I once had is no longer you

Your hurt came from a place that wasn’t my fault

But each day after you met me you walked the broken walk

There’s nothing more that I can do

Anything that was to occur was killed by the work you refused to do

So I end this as I do every day

I pray God guides you along the way

May your brokenness be filled to the brim

With a love that can only come from Him

May the Spirit transform who you are

So you can walk as a whole man that won the internal war

Until then things you touch will continue to be broken by you

I wave my flag, walk away and surrender to you

My desire is to heal with time

God knows my heart and I end with this line

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