Rainy good day

Credit: Karishea

Today was rather productive. Only walked outside twice today and once was to grab some togo food. Otherwise, it’s been a joggers, T-shirt, and head wrap type of day.

I made a big decision today that I’ll keep low key until I feel like sharing it but I’m at peace about it. Don’t know what God is about to do but I’m open fully to it. Fully!

My path has been focused on my relationship with God, some remote ops (put prayers up for success for me), programming, and setting boundaries. Today was well in line with that. It was even dosed with a surprise text that generated a smile but I’m firm on how I’m handling that situation. Operating in a place that is a lifestyle of integrity, growth in many areas, faith, self-respect and value, and so much more.

Not going into much more of that but I’m grateful for today. Wisdom gained, solitude, and quiet. I express my gratitude. Hope your day was a blessing and not stressing, unless it was good stress.

12 thoughts on “Rainy good day

      1. Heyy!!! Aw that’s so sweet you thought of me! I was away on a little and much needed vacation for a few weeks, so I wasn’t around on WordPress. I had missed you and the rest of my blog family! I’m doing really well, thank you! I’m so happy you’re doing great and mellow!

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      2. Yes it is! Sometimes we just have to pull away from all the drama and headaches of life and bond with the peace! 😁

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      3. Oh, I could not agree more! During my time away, it was like everything just made sense. I could hear my thoughts, I could let my heart speak. Everything that was muffled under the noise of the world was finally being heard. And that’s such a good feeling. IF only more and more people saw the beauty of alone time and unplugging!

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      4. Absolutely. It’s like there’s an addiction to being plugged in and inability to be to Self. It also makes you appreciate the company of others when you make it a decision. Love when the heart and mind can speak. May there be many more moments like that in our day to day as well

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      5. So agree! We reconnect with what’s important when we pull away from the distractions. Yes! May we have many more moments like these! Happy Sunday to you!

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