Early Am Thoughts

It’s early and most of you are watching your second round of movies in dream mode.

As for me, I’m trying to make good use of these hours to complete assignments that are tomorrow night. So, I had to call off work which may not be looked upon cheerfully of course. But, I’m working toward better positioning in many areas and I can’t get it all done in a day in which I am working 12 hour shifts with a 30 mins break after getting off work to change clothes and then proceed with life outside of work that I’m committed to as well. Plus, I don’t think work will be paying my retake fee for this course either if I fail. Praying for the best in it and flowing forward.

Goal today is Focus, Optimism, Productivity, Faith, and Worship.

My prayer is that the things that I’ve been praying for come into full bloom. I’m ready but need doors to be opened.

Let me get back to working on these C# Classes and Objects assignments/exam. They take quite a bit of time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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