Thank you for today

Before I go in DND mode and rest, I must say that today was beautiful. The sun was shining bright. Pollen coated all the cars that thought they would be clean after a fresh wash. My family and friends were giving life to indulge in another day. I’m feeling grateful and hopeful. May restoration, wholeness and healing continue. May any unfulfilled places be filled with joy and love and peace. I really hope there was something and someone you can give thanks for. Go ahead, say it aloud. Didn’t that feel great?! Even if it was a hard and hurtful day, give thanks anyway for the growth and wisdom it will lead you to. We’re flipping focus and stepping forward because we are a light. May we shine in the lives of others and them in ours. Most of all, love yourself. Love the spirit that you are. Love the flaws and gifts. Love you. That’s first. It makes life so much better. You’ll start to align yourself with others who love themselves and you as well. Be well.

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