Usually at this time, I’m waking up around 2 am with the inability to go back to sleep before a 4:30 am alarm… but not today.

Things were handled differently today.

Instead of allowing the situations I can’t change keep me in a state of hurt, the intention was set to Push the positive. If you’ve ever gone through something, you know it can be a rollercoaster for a while. For me, I’m sick of the rollercoaster that sometimes just appears or is triggered. Today I took the areas of myself back that I didn’t want to feel pain in. How? When those thoughts or pangs tap into the heart and mind, I instead prayed about it. I prayed for the other person and situation. I feed myself inspiration that gave me hope. I forgave myself for being hard on myself when I’m trying to process something that takes time. I rested. I was also productive in the areas I didn’t feel like but needed to complete that kept my mind focused and off the “less than the best.”

Of course I know that some days will be harder than others until the healing, wholeness, and balance are achieved in areas of my life. I’m on the right track and have been for a while with a few relapses of hope and expectations that started me back over. Each time though, more wisdom and strength have been gained. Each time more clarity, understanding, and release occur. So, I write this for myself: Great job today. Tomorrow can be made even better. 🙂

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